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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i just have to do my best. that's what i'm trying to do. >> a wave of emotions. a country club apologizes tonight for a bay area swim coach. good evening. it's the club where she first started swimming at when she was just 4. but the club told the u.c. berkeley swim coach she was not welcome there. why? because she went public with sex abuse allegations and took her case to court. tonight, a reversal by the club.
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jean elle has the new details. she joins us live. >> reporter: jessica, the country club issued this apology tonight, saying she's welcome to come here and talk sport with the swim team. but after this controversy, her visits will have even more meaning. >> i just have to do my best. that's what i'm trying to do. i'm proud of where i am with it. >> reporter: kristen is a survivor of sexual abuse, a trauma she confronted, years after a p.e. teacher left deep scars. >> i had to get my life back. and i had to confront everything that happened to me. >> reporter: she went through the painful process of building a case against her abuser. the predator is behind bars. through it all, she pursued her passion, swimming. the ncaa just named her assistant coach of the year, for her work at u.c. berkeley.
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she was set to speak with the swim team where she grew up. but the talk about swimming was suddenly canceled. >> i want to do some things to reconnect with the community. and they're not letting me. and that's when i was saying to explain, trying to get the words out. that's when i really broke down. >> reporter: the president of the club said he postponed the visit because he was concerned her past would make headlines. he wanted the board to weigh in. >> in retrospect, clearly, the wrong decision to make. we apologize. we're going to make certain that she feels warm, comfortable and safe when she comes here. >> reporter: the 30-year-old will now walk into the club monday, knowing detail of her life are in full view. >> i'm excited to hold my head high. >> reporter: she is eager to prove she's a survivor and a success. >> this girl was raped. this girl came forward. this girl talked about it. instead of thinking about that,
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i'm going to think about swimming and talk to those little kids if you love it, and if you love anything or any sport, it can give you an incredible life. >> reporter: members of the country club tonight says there's a lot of value in talking about this situation. they know they should speak up. jean elle. also, the embattled wife of ross kir reammy is fighting back. she received court papers. we interviewed lopez two weeks ago. she's been adamant, the city is making this a political witchhunt. this is the video in question, showing lopez after a confrontation with her husband. tonight, she wants the same
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ethics investigation to hear the proceedings against the mayor. any video for a protective order is pointless. she says that lopez's privacy say has been shattered. the cyclist who struck and killed a 90-year-old woman in el cerrito says he is sorry tonight. that accident happened on a stretch of arlington boulevard, near brewster drive, not far from where the woman lives. you spoke to the cyclist. >> reporter: that's right. the cyclist tells me he feels horrible about what happened. and the woman's family says they are not holding a grudge against him. they are looking back on a life well lived. after 92 years, it's hard to imagine a woman so full of life. just last year, jean smith was
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riding a tandem bike with her son and kayaking. in her late 80s, she repelled down rocks at donner late. her daughter expected her to be alive another decade. >> the day she died, we saw her three times. and she was in action every time. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon, jean smith was crossing arlington boulevard in el cerrito. and a cyclist said he yelled to alert smith but couldn't stop in time. smith died as a result of her injuries. he said i'm very sorry it happened. i feel horrible. >> he was not speeding. he was going under -- he was riding his bike under the speed limit. she was not in a crosswalk. and that he -- there are skid marks that suggest he tried desperately to avoid contacting her. >> jean smith's daughter says
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she does not hold him spongsible. >> we have sympathy for him, too. >> you have sympathy for him? >> i would hate to live with that. and i know he was hurt, too. >> reporter: instead, smith's family and friends would rather celebrate the life of a woman with 20 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren and someone who lived each day to its fullest. >> she wasn't invalided. she didn't get dementia. she was not senile. in fact, there is great comfort in feeling that she lived fully until she died. >> can't not. she's like mom to everybody. >> reporter: and there's no word if herring will face charges. his attorney says that is not likely since the district attorney would have to prove some kind of criminal negligence. vehicular manslaughter.
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that's the charge concord police want to see against a driver that killed a father and daughter easter weekend. the crash took the life of two. the 17-year-old suspect was speeding when his suv jumped a curb and slammed into the family. the father and daughter were out for a weekend bike ride. the district attorney is now reviewing the case. and will ultimately determine what, if any, charges will be filed. the man accused of murdering sierra lamar has a new lawyer tonight, after his original attorney pulled out of the case. the public defender's office found a conflict of interest. when he was also representing his father. legal analysts said garcia-er thes reis fortunate the conflict of interest was revealed early on in the case. >> the last thing you want to
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have happen is a year or two goes by during a prosecution. and now, all of a sudden, the defense attorney finds himself in a conflict of interest. that would be extremely unfair to mr. garcia-torres. and he would eventually have to start over again with a new lawyer. >> the office alternate will take the case. new dramatic testimony in the bryan stow case. stow doesn't remember being attacked. but for the first time in court, an eyewitness did remember and identified the two men accused of beating stow. here's patrick healy, from our nbc station in los angeles. >> reporter: not one witness identified the two attackers until mary delores donnelley took the stand. >> you see that individual here? >> yes. >> reporter: unlike earlier witnesses, she did not see the punch that knocked down stow. but she said she did hear the
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horrific fall. his head hitting the bravement. >> i don't want to say cracking noise. but something to that effect. she saw sanchez kicking stow. on cross, defense attorneys chipped away at the strength of her identification. but the prosecution had more witnesses. she testified they took her acura to the game. during the game, her brother was rude to giants fans. and afterwards, waiting for traffic to clear, there was a commotion involving a group of giants fans as they passed her brother and fiance at the back of her car. >> i heard scuffling of the feet and cursing. [ bleep ]. get off him, type thing. i turn around and i see marvin holding my brother and pushing these giants fans off of my brother. >> reporter: other witnesses described the encounter differently. but doreen sanchez testified
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that after the giants fans left, she told her brother she heard them trash-talking and her brother ran after them. when they returned, they told her to drive. >> before you say anything about this, don't say anything to your mother. >> reporter: in los angeles, patrick healy, reporting for nbc bay area news. >> dorian sanchez, the final witness in the preliminary hearing to determine if there's enough evidence against the two men to proceed to trial. she testified for two hours today and is expected to continue tomorrow. candid answers tonight inside the mind of an american icon. >> how does the secretary of state talk to the u.n. and be misled? >> i don't like the word misled. we didn't think we were being misled. >> we sit down with general colin powell, as he talks about one of the big mistakes in his life. and eight lives forever linked. an emotional reunion today that came with the surprising twist. and it's officially open for
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business. facebook rolling out something new for its users. good evening. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. warmest day of the week so far. now, we're tracking showers to the north what are your chances of this?ng af this? plus, when 90-degree heat returns.
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former secretary of state, colin powell, is in the bay area fairly often. he usually slips into town without fanfare. but today's visit was different. in many ways, general powell is clearing the air.
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or perhaps cleansing his soul. tonight, the interview with one of the most well-known figures in american politics. as he walked through our newsroom, old wounds for a military man die hard. >> saddam hussein and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: general powell's wound is the united nations speech in 2003, in which he outlined the united nations plan to attack iraq. an outline, based on false information. now, through speeches and a new book, powell is rewriting a controversial chapter of american history. it was one of my most momentous failures. how does the secretary of the state talk to the u.n. and be misled? >> i don't like the word misled. we didn't think we were being misled. and i still don't think we were being misled. we had bad information and wrong
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analysis. it wasn't as if i was misled by people who, you know, thought they were misleading me. there were some people that should have known that some of the information was bad and didn't pull on our chain and say stop. some of those folks wrote books later saying, well, we knew. well, maybe you knew. you didn't tell the president. you didn't tell me. you didn't tell the joint chiefs of staff. we went into the conflict with the belief that it was a good case that there were weapons of mass destruction on the ground in iraq. >> reporter: you say that the president never once had you in a room and really asked you, should we go for it? he didn't ask any of us. not just me. >> reporter: is this a book to cleanse your reputation or your soul? >> my reputation doesn't need cleansing. >> reporter: is it difficult to
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digest after the lives lost? >> of course, it's something i have to digest. how about the president? he is the one that made the decision. but the basic problems rest with saddam hussein. he's the one that put us in this position. he's the one that caused the president to believe we cannot leave this regime in power when we think they have weapons of mass destruction. as it turned out, they didn't. but i can assure you, he used them in the past against his own citizens. against other countries. and if left free of the u.n. sanctions, he would have had weapons of mass destruction. he never lost the capability to use such weapons. >> you endorsed mr. obama in 2008. why stay on the sidelines? >> why not? it's my choice. i'm a private citizen. i don't have to say anything just because i'm on a book tour. >> you're a very interesting private citizen. >> thank you very much. i'm a private citizen. and the media wants to force me
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to say something they want to hear. i choose to watch the campaigns unfold. >> finally, i have an old volvo in my garage. you want to help me fix it up? >> what year? >> '87. you really work on volvos? >> yeah. but they have to have cash rate earnest spark plugs and no electronic emissions. i'm an old volvo guy. >> we posted the segment on our website. a kidney swap with four remarkable results. that took place in may, at california pacific medical center in san francisco. today, all of the donors had a chance to meet face-to-face. gilbert gave his in donation because his wife was able to get a kidney from a donor. >> was able to save my life.
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>> it's great. we're very connected now. we're almost family. >> the donation allowed her husband, tony, to get a kidney and off dialysis. but in a surprising twist, he learned his donor was a familiar face. the two had volunteered together at a sheriff reserve unit for the past 17 years. be careful of that senior prank. students in a east bay high school are learning a hard lesson about choices and consequences. more than 50 seniors at brent wood's heritage high were suspended for what they called a series of harmless pranks. the principal called it vandalism. the stunts included painting messages around campus in washable red paint. they tagged windows and some other things. parents are upset the suspensions will keep some juniors from taking their finals. you know the drill. no finals. no diplomas. the school says the seniors were warned about a zero tolerance policy when it comes to
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destructive pranks. beginning today, facebook is offering 600 apps in its online store. the store's selections includes games, music, other programs you can play on facebook or on your smartphone. purchases can be made by using facebook credit. weekend graduation parties. the giants on nbc tomorrow night. we need a good forecast. >> i feel it on my shoulders. not too bad of a forecast as we head throughout friday. numbers in the 50s in san francisco, also, san mateo. against the coast, we're finding fog there. in san francisco, we're looking at crystal-clear conditions. golden gate bridge lights visible here. that wasn't possible earlier. but the fog bank is near the coastline. that will be lingering with us through the morning hours. we had higher dew points. that may produce some drizzle at the immediate coastline.
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for friday, here's the thing to hone in on. numbers in the upper 70s to near 80. we'll undergo brief cooling for friday. then, we'll get into the spring scorcher in the seven-day forecast. we have a huge trough of low pressure that's producing late-season rain in washington and oregon. no rainfall for this for us. that front is really starting to break up. this will keep the onshore flow over the next 24 to 36 hours. at the immediate coastline, that will bring us 50s and 60s. and a light wind will produce 70s for friday. on the back half of your weekend, that's when it looks like the numbers will be popping up into 90-degree temperatures. not too bad coming our way in the seven-day forecast. 50 in los gatos. 48 in santa rosa. 50 in napa. areas of fog for the coastline. and daytime highs expected to top out on friday, cooler. 75 in san jose.
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77 in ever green. 77 in palo alto. for the east bay, that cooler wind moving through the east bay hills. 73 in dublin. 80 in fair field. 78 in concord. and 77 in walnut creek. the norm, the mid-70s. and for the peninsula and the coastline, a mix of 50s and 60s. from bodega bay, to san francisco. can't get you to 70. but 77 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, numbers go up by sunday. upper 80s to near 90 inland. monday and tuesday, that looks to be the hottest in the seven-day forecast. low to mid-90s expected. and for wednesday and thursday, we'll see though numbers going on down. raj, you forgot one thing here, too. u.s. open on nbc next week. thursday. >> well, i'm just thinking first things first. yes. phil mickelson is already in town, golfing at the olympic club. >> i knew that.
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caught on camera, a store clerk wields an unusual weapon against robbers.s.
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caught with two cubs. fish and game caught a nevada man trying to sell these two cubs at a gas station northeast of sacramento. someone tipped off authorities after seeing the bear cubs. the black bears are just 4 months old. officers said the man told them he killed the mother bear in self-defense and wanted to find the cubs a good home. selling wildlife is illegal. the bears are being nursed at the lake tahoe care center. dramatic surveillance video showing a robbery in progress. a convenient store clerk fighting back. a pair of robbers brandished a knife before the clerk grabbed some bear repellent. you see what happens next. the clerk and another employee begin beating one of the two robbers. police want to remind everyone it's better to get a description and call 911, rather than take
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the matter into your own hands. >> all right. let's turn things over to henry who joins us from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> you have better behavior. >> i am. i'll give you the bare facts. coming up in sports right now, the giants and a's had afternoon games today. we'll tell you if they had fun under the fun. one team hit three homers. the other watched their star player lift off the field in pain. and exclusive video of lefty at the olympic club. the best golfers in the world are ready to swing for the 112th u.s. open championship. and we got a preview just for
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welcome back. the orange and black are closing in on the first place l.a. dodgers. they're not messing around by moving slowly.
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san francisco, they're taking giant steps. only four games separate the top two teams in the n.l. west. let's get to today's action this afternoon. giants at padres. matt cain looking to win the rubber match. bottom of the sixth. giants up 4-3. bases loaded for cameron maybin. 4-6-3 double-play. to the top of the seventh we'll go. runner on first. angel pagan. can you say this is gone? two-run homer to right. 6-3, san francisco. top of the eighth, another long ball. this one's going to be by gregor blanco, solo shot. melky cabrera, celebrating with his teammates. giants win 8-3. over to the rangers and a's. bottom of the first. their star player would come up a little lame as he rounded second base headed into third. we don't have those highlights
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right now. but by the way, the a's did win. they took three out of four from the first place texas rangers. they're now seven games behind texas. let's keep on rolling with our next story coming up. exclusive video of old lefty. yes, phil mickelson. he was at the olympic club this afternoon. this is the only place you'll see this video. he's getting ready for the u.s. open. paired with him, by the way, in the first two rounds of the tournament, tiger woods, as well as the masters champion, bubba watson. once again, those guys will be seen right here on nbc bay area for all four days of the tournament. raj, jessica? i got some work to do. trying to talk with tiger, see if he needs some help carrying the bag, anything. they refuse to give me a press credential. but i'll be a caddie. and i'll be a happy caddie at
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that. >> you have to wake up at 7:33 sunday morning. >> i'll pass this year.
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this is cool. no ordinary, boxy hybrid. this is an exclusive first look at the long-awaited tesla model s. today, tesla board member, steve jurgenson gave nbc bay area the a look. it's the first off the production line in fremont. and smooth on the outside. high-tech on the inside. the model s starts at about 50 grand. deliveries expected to start later this month. he drove it out of the factory. all of the employees were fired
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up. >> fancy pants. >> they had the automatic door handles. did you see that? >> pops right now. really cool. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great day tomorrow. hope to see you back tomorrow. >> see if he wants to give us a ride. bye-bye.
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